Web Series: Expanding Beyond Open Source Puppet

Join us for our new 4 part webinar series

Tens of thousands of companies across the world choose Open Source Puppet to manage their infrastructure, with over 75% of Global 500 companies using the enterprise version. As the needs of organizations continue to grow, we’ve seen first hand a number of customers adopt Puppet Enterprise to expand their success with automation.

As organizations grow and change, new challenges surface that drive the need for a supported, commercial version that provides additional capabilities. Many of these challenges include integrations with other toolsets, lack of time and resources, and siloed teams trying to do more, faster.

Understanding how Puppet Enterprise can help (aside from just a graphical interface) is key to addressing organizational challenges that come with accelerated growth (aka growing pains). This webinar series provides an educational overview spanning topics like: Time to Value, Scaling Success, Business Continuity, and Interoperability.

Event details:
  • Episode 1: Time to Value - April 27, 11-11:30am EDT/3-3:30 BST/GMT+1
  • Episode 2: Scaling Success - May 4, 11-11:30am EDT/3-3:30 BST/GMT+1
  • Episode 3: Interoperability - May 18, 11-11:30am EDT/3-3:30 BST/GMT+1
  • Episode 4: Business Continuity - May 25th, 11-11:30am EDT/3-3:30 BST/GMT+1
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