Puppet Pipelines™

We recently acquired Distelli, an innovative continuous delivery platform that gives you end-to-end visibility and control over your application delivery. Read the full post on the acquisition here. We’re happy to integrate their products into our portfolio:

Puppet Pipelines™ for Applications

Puppet Pipelines for Applications (formerly known as VM dashboard from Distelli) provides automation from every commit to every deployment to ensure that your IT and engineering teams are consistently shipping software and delivering customer value on time. Learn more.

Puppet Pipelines™ for Containers

Puppet Pipelines for Containers (formerly known as K8S dashboard from Distelli) allows you to build Docker images from your source repository and deploy them to a Kubernetes cluster anywhere. Learn more.

Puppet® Container Registry

Puppet Container Registry (formerly known as Europa from Distelli) makes it easy for software teams to host Docker images within their infrastructure along with a unified view of all their images stored in local and remote repositories. With powerful features like single sign-on and access control, Puppet Container Registry is designed to be easy for developers to use, and engineered for the enterprise. Learn more.

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